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The victory of the Palestinian prisoners’ will over the Zionist enemy

Pak Sahafat – Following the withdrawal of the Zionist regime’s cabinet from taking restrictive measures against the Palestinian prisoners, the Supreme National Committee of the Prisoners’ Movement announced the victory of the prisoners and the suspension of their indefinite hunger strike.

According to Pak Sahafat News Agency’s report on Wednesday from Sama news agency, the Supreme National Committee of the Movement of Palestinian Prisoners in Zionist Prisons announced in a statement that the prisoners postponed their decision to go on an indefinite hunger strike in order to confront the criminal decisions of Itamar Ben Guer, the radical minister of national security of the occupying regime.

It is stated in this statement: Despite the suspension of this decision, the Palestinian prisoners and the Palestinian nation are still ready to face any decision against the prisoners.

This movement further emphasized: Food hunger strike is our permanent weapon and sword to protect our rights and rights, and we tell the occupying regime that if they return to adopting these measures, we will also put a hunger strike on the agenda.

According to the previous announcement of the Palestinian prisoners, they were supposed to start an indefinite hunger strike in protest against Ben Guer’s order against them, but Netanyahu’s cabinet, fearing the Palestinians’ reaction, opposed the hard-line minister’s request.

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Tel Aviv’s withdrawal from Palestinian prisoners for fear of martyrdom operations

The meeting (Sunday) to review the plan of “Itmar Ben Guer” in order to increase the pressure on the Palestinian prisoners turned into a verbal conflict between Ben Guer and “Herzi Halevi”, the Chief of the General Staff of the Zionist regime.

In this meeting, the Prime Minister of the Zionist regime, fearing the strong reaction of the Palestinians, postponed the decision on the plan of Ben Guer until after the Zionist holidays.

The Chief of General Staff of the Zionist Army also attacked the Minister of Internal Security in this meeting and said: “The lives of Israelis are more important than your plan and this plan should be reviewed after the Jewish holidays.”

In a directive, Itamar Ben Guer demanded that the periodic visits of Palestinian prisoners with their families be limited, so that instead of once a month, it should be done every two months from now on.

Since the establishment of the far-right coalition cabinet of Netanyahu and extremist ministers such as Ben Guer, the conditions of Palestinian prisoners in the prisons of the Zionist regime have worsened. Ben Guerr’s decisions have caused disagreements between Zionist ministers and security agencies several times.

Ben Guer, who has no choice but to put pressure on the Palestinian prisoners to deal with the struggle and martyrdom-seeking operations of Palestinian youths in response to the crimes of the Zionists, had previously threatened to make prison conditions more difficult.

Prohibiting the baking of bread in prison and requiring Palestinian prisoners to buy it from outside the prison at high prices, canceling the early release of Palestinian prisoners, and putting pressure on prisoners on hunger strike have been among Ben Guerr’s decisions against Palestinian prisoners since coming to power.

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