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Tel Aviv’s withdrawal from Palestinian prisoners for fear of martyrdom operations

Pak Sahafat – The Zionist media reported today that the Prime Minister of this regime and its security institutions are not willing to put more pressure on the Palestinian prisoners and they believe that such an action will lead to an increase in tension.

According to the International group of Pak Sahafat news agency, The Zionist media reported this Sunday evening that the officials of this regime are extremely afraid of any further pressure on the Palestinian prisoners. Because they know very well that during the holidays ahead of the Jews, they will see the effects of this pressure in martyrdom-seeking operations.

Maariv newspaper reported that itamar benguer, the minister of internal security of Zion, held an extraordinary meeting with the prime minister of this regime, Benjamin Netanyahu, a few hours ago. The subject of this meeting was to impose more restrictions on Palestinian prisoners.

The Zionist media reported yesterday that the authorities of the occupying regime sent a message to the leaders of the Islamic resistance movement “Hamas” regarding one of their security concerns.

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Zionist minister’s speech to Netanyahu about the case of Palestinian prisoners

According to these media reports, the security concerns of the Zionists prompted them to issue warnings to Hamas and ask Hamas not to make any attempt to carry out attacks or launch rockets. These messages have been transmitted through countries that have diplomatic relations with both sides.

Ma’ariv continued to report that today Ben Guer intended to discuss the issue of restrictions on prisoners, which will be held on Tuesday, with Netanyahu in a preliminary manner. He asked Netanyahu to support his positions regarding increasing pressure on prisoners, which the Zionist Prime Minister did not accept.

The Zionist Channel 12 says that Netanyahu has postponed the investigation of pressure on the prisoners, which Ben Gower raised, until after the Jewish holidays. The head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Zionist Army, Herzi Halevi, also said to Ben Guer: Israeli lives are more important than your decisions about Palestinian prisoners. This issue should be investigated after the holidays.

According to this network, the meeting between Ben Guer and Netanyahu was “unusual and there are many disagreements about the actions and the escalation of actions against them.” The security institutions also rejected Ben Guer’s decision to change the situation of the Palestinian prisoners.

According to reports published by I24, “Israeli security services are preparing to counter and neutralize operations and attacks, which are estimated to be around 200 cases and warnings per day.”

These reports are published while Yoav Galant, the Minister of Defense of the Zionist regime, held a security assessment meeting with the relevant authorities in Tel Aviv last Thursday, on the eve of the beginning of the Jewish holiday.

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