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America stopped millions of dollars in aid to Egypt and allocated it to Taiwan and Lebanon

Pak Sahafat – An American media reported that the Biden administration has informed the Congress that it plans to stop the $85 million aid to Egypt, which was conditional on the country’s progress in human rights issues and the release of political prisoners, and instead allocate this funding to Taiwan and Lebanon.

According to Pak Sahafat News Agency, the American CNN news channel added on Thursday local time, quoting an informed official, that the American government will allocate 55 million dollars of this budget to Taiwan and 30 million dollars to Lebanon.

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Egypt’s resistance against American pressure to send weapons to Ukraine

About $320 million of the $1 billion in foreign military aid that the United States gives to Egypt each year is conditional and related to human rights issues.

Last month, a group of 11 Democrats on the House Foreign Relations Committee called on Secretary of State Anthony Blinken to freeze all $320 million in foreign military funding over concerns about Cairo’s human rights abuses.

Meanwhile, the US government has been beefing up Taiwan’s defense capabilities under the pretext of preparing the island for a possible conflict with China, and in July announced a new arms package for the island worth $345 million.

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