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Al-Houthi: Dialogue with Saudi Arabia continues

Pak Sahafat – A member of the High Political Council of Yemen’s Ansarullah said that Saudi Arabia is the main party to the conflict and the dialogue with this country continues.

According to Pak Sahafat News Agency, Muhammad Ali Al-Houthi, a member of the Supreme Political Council of Ansarullah Yemen, wrote on his personal page on the X social network: As we announced in the perspective of a comprehensive solution, the talks should be conducted with the aggressor coalition, because stopping these aggressions and sanctions is in the hands of the coalition.

He said that Saudi Arabia should not be considered a mediator because this country is a main party to the conflict.

Al-Houthi emphasized: The talks between Saudi Arabia as the leader of the coalition on one side and the government of Sana’a on the other side continue with the mediation of Oman.

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The member of the High Political Council of Ansarullah Yemen added that these talks are about humanitarian cases, paying the salaries of Yemeni employees, reopening airports and ports, releasing prisoners and detainees, withdrawing foreign forces from Yemeni soil, rebuilding Yemen and reaching comprehensive political ways.

He said that we hope that the consultations will be done seriously because it will benefit the people of the two countries and overcome the challenges.

The official Saudi news agency (WAS) quoted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia as saying that it has invited a delegation from Sana’a to complete the meetings and talks based on the Saudi initiative announced in March 2021.

Earlier, Mehdi Al-Mashat, head of Yemen’s Supreme Political Council, announced the visit of Sana’a delegation to Saudi Arabia with an Omani delegation in Yemen’s peace talks.

Also, before leaving Sana’a and going to Riyadh to talk with the Saudi side, Mohammad Abd Salam, the head of the negotiating team of the National Salvation Government of Yemen, emphasized that the current round of negotiations is within the framework of the negotiations that the national delegation has conducted with the Saudi side in numerous meetings in Muscat and repeated meetings in Sana’a, the last of which was last Ramadan.

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