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American Representative: The West is failing in Ukraine

Pak Sahafat – A member of the American House of Representatives said in a speech that Russia will win the war in Ukraine and the Westerners will lose based on America’s lies.

According to the report of Pak Sahafat International News Agency, “Marjory Taylor Green”, a member of the US House of Representatives, warned that Russia will win the current battle in Ukraine and the West will lose due to the lies of the US.

He said these things during a speech and added: “America lies about the war and this is a disaster. The West will lose and Russia will win.”

This member of the US House of Representatives warned that Washington is helping to kill innocent people by continuing to provide military aid to Ukraine.

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“We are helping to kill innocent people and our arrogant leaders don’t want to say it’s time to talk about peace,” Greene said.

On the other hand, “Josh Hawley”, a senator from the state of Missouri, said in an interview with Fox News yesterday that the White House does not really know what happens to the weapons and financial aid given to Ukraine.

Hawley added: “The government should be watching the aid sent to (President of Ukraine) Volodymyr Zelensky, but no one is doing that and no one is willing to tell the truth.”

These words are raised while the German military authorities have expressed their strong concern over the possibility of the collapse of the Ukrainian army in recent days.

“Berliner Zeitung” newspaper wrote in a report on Saturday that the military capabilities of the Ukrainian armed forces are deteriorating every day in different cities under Russian military strikes.

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