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The continuation of protests against the banning of Islamic clothing in French schools was keyed to the teachers’ strike

Pak Sahafat – Protests against the plan of French President Emmanuel Macron’s government to ban the Islamic headscarf in the country’s schools have infuriated not only politicians and students, but also teachers and led them to the ranks of protesters and strikers.

According to Pak Sahafat News Agency, Gabriel Attal, Minister of National Education and Youth of France, announced the banning of the Islamic headscarf in the country’s schools on Monday last week and called this decision in line with the policy of secularism in France.

At the very first step, this policy was strongly criticized by some French politicians, especially among the left parties, and figures such as Jean-Luc Melenchon and other senior members of the “Unyielding France” party took a strong position on this issue.

French cyberspace users also reacted to the ban on Islamic clothing in schools in this country, which was implemented from Monday this week with the reopening of schools with high intensity and supervision, echoed their criticism on social networks and used the hashtag “Abayas” (#abayas) in the first hours of the reopening of schools, social network X (former Twitter) trended.

But this was not the whole story, and the 30-year-old minister of Macron’s government, less than 2 months have passed since his appointment as the French Ministry of National Education and Youth, admitted the other day that 298 students appeared in front of schools with this cover despite the ban on the abaya.

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The defiance of hundreds of French students against the policy of banning the Islamic headscarf in the country’s schools did not end here, and today Wednesday, a group of teachers also joined the ranks of the opponents of this plan and voiced their protest to the Macron government.

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Protesting teachers: This is the controversial plan of the government to escape from educational problems

In this connection, Le Figaro newspaper wrote on Wednesday: A high school located in Seine-Saint-Denis, in protest against the banning of the abaya in schools in this country, started protesting and striking.

A call has been prepared and published for today’s strike, and the teachers and staff of Maurice Utrillo de Stains School want to join the strike and gather in front of this educational institution at noon today to protest against the ban on wearing abaya in school.

In the call that was published for this purpose, it is stated: We do not have to be the implementer of the dress police project. We refuse to stigmatize students who wear robes or shirts.

Protesters in this school emphasize: the controversies started by Macron’s government in the field of wearing robes and shirts are due to the criticism of the public education system, especially the severe reduction of resources in this area.

France, with the largest Muslim population among European countries, has always witnessed discrimination and religious restrictions for Muslims during recent decades; A policy that has been manifested in Macron’s government in various forms, such as supporting Charlie Hebdo’s Mohun magazine and the recent restrictions on Muslims in this country.

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Many French users of social networks in criticizing these policies, which are actually aimed at Islamophobia, emphasize that the application of new restrictions against what the government has predicted against bullies in schools is worthy of consideration.

Some wrote on X social network (formerly twitter): When schools are supposed to be protected from bullies, not much effort is done and there are no police; A statement that clearly shows the strictness of Macron’s government towards Muslims.

Some people, with the same critical view, emphasized: energy is not spent to this extent for the persecutors; what a shameful government! And some users have criticized this approach of Macron’s government as strange and others have criticized the concerns of this country.

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