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France banned the wearing of Islamic Hijab for girls in schools

Pak Sahafat – French Minister of Education Gabriel Atal announced on Sunday and a few days before the start of the school reopening season in this country: Muslim girls are prohibited from wearing the Islamic Hijab (loose, full-length robe) in public schools in France.

According to Pak Sahafat News Agency, citing Reuters, in an interview with the TF1 TV channel, the Minister of Education of France claimed that the wearing of the Islamic Hijab by Muslim girls violates the secular laws of France: From the new academic season, it will not be possible for Muslim girls to wear Islamic Hijab in school.

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He added: When you enter a classroom, you should not be able to recognize the religion of the students just by looking at them.

This action takes place after months of debate between different factions in France, during these debates, the right and extreme right factions pushed for this ban, but the left factions believed that this ban violates civil liberties. But in the end, it was the extreme right factions who put their words on the table.

The issue of Muslim women’s hijab is one of the most important challenges facing Muslims and Western societies. On March 15, 2006, then French President Jacques Chirac passed a law banning any specific religious symbols in public schools. This sign includes the cross, Islamic hijab and special hats.

Earlier in 2019, the representatives of the French Senate passed a bill that prohibits mothers wearing the hijab from accompanying their children in some outside school activities.

This bill was presented by a group of representatives of the right-wing Republican Party and was approved with 163 votes in favor against 114 votes against and 40 abstentions.

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The wave of French government action against Muslims and the hijab

According to this law, mothers of students in French public schools can only accompany their children in extracurricular activities outside of educational institutions if they do not wear any religious signs, including wearing a hijab.

France is one of the European countries that have the largest Muslim population.

The last law that was passed (before the announcement of the ban on wearing the Islamic robe) regarding the hijab in this country, dates back to 2010 and the presidency of Nicolas Sarkozy, according to which it was announced that it was forbidden for women to wear a full veil.

France, which is known as the cradle of freedom, is a country where veiling is apparently a crime. Muslims living in France have tasted the restrictions and religious pressure on Muslim minorities.

According to French law, people should not use signs that show they are leaning towards a particular religion.

The controversial ban on the use of hijab has sparked many debates between supporters and opponents of this law. Supporters of this law claim that this ban warns the country against extremism, and its opponents say that the purpose behind this law is to spread the feeling of Islamophobia and create hostility against Muslims in the country.

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