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Israeli newspaper: Instead of normalization with Libya, we had a complete failure

Pak Sahafat – Some media of the interim Zionist regime wrote that the publication of the news of the meeting between the foreign ministers of this regime and the government of Libya, instead of being a success in the process of normalizing relations, turned into a scandalous failure.

According to the International group of Pak Sahafat news agency, in response to the aftershocks of the regime’s Foreign Minister Eli Cohen’s secret meeting with his Libyan counterpart, Najla Al-Manqhosh, some Israeli media outlets reported that “instead of normalization, Israel faced a disgraceful defeat.”

Zionist media, citing the foreign minister of the interim regime, reported on the secret meeting between al-Monghosh and Cohen in Rome, the capital of Italy, and the publication of this news had condemning reactions at the political levels of the region and among the Libyan people.

Jalal Harshawi, a political analyst specializing in Libyan affairs, a member of the Royal Institute of Research Services in London and a member of the “Global Initiative to Combat Transnational Organized Crime” project, said in an interview with Makur Rishon: In the meeting between the foreign ministers of Israel and Libya, nothing accidental or unplanned happened.

Makur Rishon wrote: “This speech of Harshawi is in direct contradiction to the statement of the Libyan Prime Minister’s office last night (Abd al-Hamid Debiba), who announced that this meeting was accidental and informal. This statement was issued after the news of the meeting was leaked, which led to protests and demonstrations by angry people in Tripoli against the normalization of relations with Israel. Last night, protesters burned the Prime Minister’s villa in Tripoli and the villa of his nephew Ibrahim, who is one of his relatives these days.

This Israeli newspaper also revealed, citing “political sources”, that the Prime Minister of Libya was not only interested in holding this meeting, but also made “detailed preparations” for it. In the framework of preliminary negotiations before this meeting, in which the Israeli and Italian sides participated, the Italian government decided last month to postpone the opening of the flight line between Rome and Tripoli, subject to the holding of this meeting.

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In this connection, Al-Dabibah dismissed the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Foreign Minister’s Office responded by announcing that the head of the National Unity Government decided to suspend him from his job after revealing the minister’s visit. Emphasizing that he has many documents at his disposal, Al-Munkhosh emphasized: “He will not allow al-Dabibah to become a victim himself [Al-Manqosh] in a matter that was done at his [al-Dabibah’s] request.”

Makur Rishon wrote in another section: The first contacts between Israel and Libya began three years ago, but recently reached the level of a meeting at the level of foreign ministers. US intelligence chief William Burns visited Tripoli in January, with goals including Libya’s inclusion in the Ibrahim peace accord.

The report continues: “The enormous political pressures that Al-Dabibah is under have made him feel that the ground is shaking under his feet [and his position is shaking] and his chances of continuing to cling to the seat of power are more than ever. The other depends on foreign international support. Al-Dabiba’s decision to advance negotiations with Israel is aimed at buying political time to reach the elections next December.

Regarding how the news of this meeting was leaked, these political sources told the media that “they don’t know what happened, but apparently there is more than one hand in Benjamin Netanyahu’s cabinet that directs foreign affairs.”

In this context, the Zionist newspaper “Yediot Aharonot” talked about this meeting and wrote: “Publishing this official news that led to the dismissal of the Libyan foreign minister was a grave mistake. Israel must restore confidence not only in this critical country, but in the entire Arab world.

The Zionist newspaper “Haaretz” also quoted diplomatic sources in Arab countries and the United States and wrote: The disturbances after the meeting between Cohen and Al-Monghosh will affect the efforts to promote normalization between Israel and other Arab and Islamic countries in the near future.

This Zionist newspaper also quoted American and Arab diplomats and wrote that “the disturbances and protests in Libya may prevent other Arab countries from normalization.”

Following the reactions of the Libyan National Assembly against the normalization and support of the resistance, the action of the dismissed foreign minister during his “interview with one of the criminals of the Israeli regime” was condemned and demanded legal measures against al-Munkhosh and al-Dabibah and the adoption of laws for normal criminalization.

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