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Demonstrations of Palestinian supporters against Google / the need to stop cooperation with the Israeli army

Pak Sahafat – Hundreds of Google employees and supporters of the Palestinian nation in a demonstration in front of the company’s building in San Francisco, California, demanded the end of its cooperation with the Israeli cabinet and army.

According to Pak Sahafat News Agency’s report on Wednesday, citing the Palestine Information Center, this demonstration was held as a sign of solidarity with the Palestinian nation and protest against the holding of Google’s annual cloud technology summit.

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While holding the Palestinian flag, the demonstrators demanded to stop Google’s cooperation with the cabinet and the army of the Zionist regime.

A number of demonstrators had their hands chained outside the meeting hall as a form of peaceful civil protest.

The organizers of this demonstration emphasized in a statement that Google’s technology is not used for inspiration and innovation, but on the contrary, according to the one billion dollar contract signed with the cabinet and the army of the Zionist regime, to support the “Israeli” security services and strengthen racial discrimination and violence of this regime and the confiscation of Palestinian lands are used.

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