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American publication: Washington is on the verge of defeat on the two fronts of China and Russia

Pak Sahafat – The website of “The American Conservative” magazine announced in a report that the unquestionable American aid to Ukraine has emptied Washington’s military warehouses and that the United States is losing on both fronts against China and Russia due to lack of weapons.

According to Pak Sahafat News Agency, the website of this monthly magazine affiliated with American conservatives in its recent report by Bradley Devlin wrote: Although the US foreign policy establishment believes that defending Ukraine will keep Taiwan safe, in reality helping Kiev makes Taipei more vulnerable.

Last week in Milwaukee, several contenders for the Republican presidential nomination held an intra-party debate. Nikki Haley, the former representative of the United States in the United Nations, said: Russia’s win is China’s win. We need to know this. Ukraine is our first line of defense.

Referring to Vivek Ramaswamy, one of his rivals in the internal Republican elections, Haley expressed: He wants to hand over Ukraine to Russia; he wants to let China swallow Taiwan.

The argument is that if the US does not defend Ukraine, China will attack Taiwan. This is the argument that Haley, Mike Pence and many other Republicans have made to continue aid to Ukraine.

The American Conservatory raises the possibility that, however, what is not explained is that if China does take action on Taiwan in the next few years; reserves already depleted by aid to Ukraine will make aid to Taiwan more difficult.  The foreign policy establishment that failed in Iraq and Afghanistan is setting the stage for defeat in two more wars of choice against Russia and China, both nuclear powers.

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In total, US military aid to Ukraine is worth more than $41 billion so far, and the US has allocated more than $100 billion to Ukraine’s defense.

A year ago, the Wall Street Journal warned about US aid to Ukraine and the draining of military stockpiles. According to this report on August 29, 2022, an informed defense official said that the number of 155 mm war cannons in the US military stockpiles is uncomfortably low.

The American official added: These numbers are not that significant because the United States is not involved in any major military conflict, but it is not at a level where we want to go to war.

The American Conservatory further wrote: These deficiencies will hamper the ability of the United States to counter a possible Chinese invasion of Taiwan. A report by the Center for American Modernization (CRA) claims that “many of the weapons systems that the United States provides to Ukraine are also needed by Taiwan to deter a possible Chinese invasion.

According to the report, there is currently a $19 billion backlog of arms orders for Taiwan, which is partly due to the US prioritizing the supply of arms to Ukraine. Many of the same weapons systems supplied to Ukraine (missiles such as Harpoon and HIMARS) are also required by Taiwan and other East Asian partners, creating a real balance in the US’s ability to deter Chinese aggression.

The struggle of the American defense industry to produce weapons

The website added: “The defense industry base is scrambling to produce weapons for Ukraine with extra cash and help from Washington.” Not surprisingly, the defense industry base would fail in parts without that extra funding and focus, especially if China were to attack Taiwan.

The report adds: Analysis conducted by the Center for Strategic and International Studies between the United States and China on Taiwan showed that the United States is likely to run out of long-range anti-ship missiles within a week.

The report continues: What is more important to the Chinese when they consider an attack on Taiwan? America’s determination to stand by Ukraine or China’s material capacity compared to Taiwan and the United States? If aid to the Ukrainians continues at the expense of US preparedness, the world may soon have an answer to that question.

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