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The arrival of the convoy carrying American military equipment from Iraq to Syria

Pak Sahafat – News sources reported on Monday night that a convoy carrying military equipment, ammunition and fuel arrived from the US bases in Iraq to eastern Syria.

According to Pak Sahafat News Agency, citing Al-Mayadeen network, this new convoy of the international anti-ISIS coalition led by the United States and carrying military equipment has entered Syria from the “Fishkhabour” crossing in Iraqi Kurdistan.

These unnamed sources did not announce the composition of this convoy.

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What are American terrorists doing on the borders of Syria and Iraq?

With the defeat of the terrorist group “ISIS” as the arm of America in Syria in December 2016, American terrorists directly replaced this group and from that time they started extracting and stealing Syrian oil instead of ISIS and continued killing the people of this country.

During the recent years, the US in the West Asian region, especially in Syria, has become a scourge of people’s lives and a thief of their oil resources; An action that the ISIS terrorist group has done before.

The Syrian government has repeatedly emphasized that these American militias and terrorist elements in the east and northeast of Syria have no other purpose than looting oil and will end their illegal presence.

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