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Saudi Foreign Minister: The conflict in Yemen will not end except with a political solution

Pak Sahafat – Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister emphasized that the conflict in Yemen will end only through a political solution.

According to the International group of Pak Sahafat news agency, Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Faisal bin Farhan emphasized the need to revive the ceasefire in Yemen in his speech at the annual meeting of the 2023 General Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Bin Farhan said: We need to find a way to revive the ceasefire in Yemen and try to turn it into a permanent ceasefire

He stated that “the war in Yemen must end through negotiations”.

According to the report of the Saudi channel “Al-Arabiya”, Bin Farhan said: Dialogue is the best way to resolve disputes in the region and we are trying to find a way to talk to everyone and focus on development.

The foreign minister of Saudi Arabia also said about Iran: Focusing on development rather than geopolitical affairs sends a strong message to Iran and others that there are other paths to shared prosperity.

He added that “Riyadh has a strong partnership with America, but this does not mean that we always agree with each other”.

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