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Shocking statistics of moral corruption in British medical centers

Pak Sahafat – The shocking results of research conducted in England show that over the past 5 years, one third of female surgeons in the British National Health Service (NHS) have been sexually assaulted.

This research, published in the British Journal of Surgery (BJS), shows that 63% of women working in the NHS have been sexually harassed, and this figure has raised to 29.9%. According to studies, 11% of sexual harassment was related to women’s job opportunities.

Women participating in the survey said that they were sexually harassed by their colleagues outside the work environment, including training spaces, conferences and after-work events.

One thousand and 704 people participated in this survey; most of them were experts or senior employees. According to the research, many other women working in the British medical organization did not participate in the survey for fear of reputation or dismissal.

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Sexual corruption and prostitution in British hospitals

Surveys show that women victims of sexual abuse do not believe in pursuing regulatory bodies such as GMC or National Health Service centers to deal with issues related to sexual abuse. In fact, only 15.1% of women have accepted the regulatory institutions as a reference for dealing with sexual misconduct, and the rest are forced to accept the status quo.

Not long ago, the organization known as the Women’s Rights Network published shocking statistics about the corruption situation in the British medical organization and announced that over the past three years, 6,500 cases of sexual harassment have been registered in the country’s hospitals.

Statistics show that every week there are dozens of cases of rape and sexual harassment in medical centers and hospitals in England, and this situation reveals the “horrific scale of sexual abuse in the treatment sector” in this country.

From gang rapes to child sexual abuse, according to Heather Binning, the founder of this English institute, the published statistics are a small part of an iceberg. He added: “Hospitals are places where everyone – patients, staff and visitors – should feel completely safe, but dozens of violent rapes and sexual assaults occur every week.” The founder of this English institute added: “Statistics show that hospitals are not safe places and are a market for sex offenders. This situation is absolutely terrible.”

According to data from the Women’s Rights Network, at least 2,088 rapes and 4,451 sexual assaults were recorded between January 2019 and October 2022. The published statistics do not detail whether these violations were committed in public hospitals or private centers. However, the research shows that out of every seven cases, a terrible rape occurred in public hospitals and only 4.1% of the crimes resulted in charges or summoning of the suspect.

Joe Phoenix, professor of criminology at the University of Reading, who wrote the report, said: “Statistics show that British health centers have failed to fulfill their duties to protect patients and staff. But the fact that 95.9% of all crimes are not followed up or (officially) recorded as a crime is truly terrifying.

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