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The Syrian army seeks to destroy the terrorists in front of the movements of the occupying forces

Pak Sahafat – While the coalition forces led by the American occupation forces are strengthening themselves in Syria, they are carrying out operations to eliminate the remaining militants and terrorists in the countryside of Idlib city and strengthening their forces in the northwest of this country.

According to Pak Sahafat News Agency, from the Syrian media report, In response to the continuous violation of the ceasefire in the so-called de-escalation area in the north-west of this country, the Syrian army, according to the reports of the dispatch of military auxiliary forces, a number of terrorists of the “Al-Nusra Front” group in Manbij and Al-Arimah between the areas under the control of terrorists and the areas under the control of the army.

Meanwhile, the forces of the so-called “international coalition” led by the American occupiers, who claim to fight against terrorist groups, continued to strengthen their illegal military bases in the suburbs of al-Hasakah.

Army artillery attacks

Pointing out that the army’s artillery attacks were in response to the terrorists’ violation of the ceasefire agreement in the “de-escalation zone”, this source said: “Al-Nusra” organization attacked military positions with rockets yesterday morning, and in the contact areas in the outskirts of Idlib, the army responded with appropriate force.

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Human rights expert: Syria defeated terrorists and their supporters

This source pointed out: until the time of preparing this report, that is, yesterday evening, peace reigned in the north-western axis of Syria in Dasht al-Ghab. Also, in the northeastern regions of Syria, the military units pursued the ISIS terrorist group in the western desert of Deir Ez-Zor, and a field source told Al-Watan that ISIS tried to attack the important points of the Syrian army headquarters, which they confronted and chased the terrorists.

A gunman was killed

On the other hand, an armed person from the so-called “Military Council of Deir Ez-Zor” affiliated with the “QSD” of the opposition Syrian Democratic Kurds was killed as a result of his injuries after being shot directly by unknown gunmen. According to media sources opposed to the government, this person is affiliated with the remaining terrorist groups in the western suburbs of Deir Ezzor.

The re-entry of the military convoys of the occupiers

Meanwhile, the forces of the so-called “international coalition” led by the American occupation, who claims to be fighting ISIS, continue to strengthen their military bases in the outskirts of al-Hasakah, because, a new military convoy, consisting of 35 military and logistic trucks, were moving towards the illegal “coalition” bases in Al-Hasaka villages through the illegal crossing of Al-Walid.

While the Syrian army units repelled the attack of the ISIS terrorist groups on the army positions in the eastern suburbs of Deir Ezzor, the American invaders sent their military reinforcements from Iraqi territory into the suburbs of al-Hasakah through the illegal al-Walid crossing.

According to this report, this illegal entry of the occupiers happened at the same time as the Turkish-backed occupation groups renewed their attacks on Ain al-Arab in the northeast of Aleppo.

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