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Transferring Canadian ISIS family members from Syria

Pak Sahafat – The government of Canada agreed to transfer some members of Canadian families of members of the ISIS terrorist group from the al-Hol camp in northeastern Syria.

According to Pak Sahafat News Agency’s report, quoting from “Roodav” TV channel, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Canada announced the country’s agreement with the transfer of 6 Canadian women and 13 children living in the al-Hol camp in northeastern Syria to their country.

This is the largest operation to return ISIS families from Canada.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Canada added in its statement that the transfer of these Canadian women and children living in Al-Hol camp was agreed and this does not include the four men who are under prosecution.

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The Federal Court of Canada is going to decide the fate of these four Canadian men living in the al-Hol camp.

Over the past four years, a number of Canadian women and children belonging to the ISIS terrorist group have returned to their country, but Human Rights Watch has announced that around 30 Canadians, including 10 children, have been killed in Syrian camps.

The al-Hol camp is located 45 kilometers east of al-Hasaka city in northern Syria and is managed by the armed group known as the “Syrian Democratic Forces” (SDF). This group has the clear support of the United States. In this camp, many ISIS members and their families live alongside displaced civilians.

According to the United Nations report, about 56,000 people live in al-Hol camp, which is called a “time bomb” in northeastern Syria and 10 kilometers from the Iraqi border.

Previously, there were reports that showed that the American army took over a number of ISIS terrorists from this camp from Qasd and took them to their military base in al-Tanf region of Syria and is training and equipping them to carry out terrorist activities.

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