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Spanish publication: The war in Ukraine showed that the hegemony of the West is hollow

Pak Sahafat – According to a Spanish publication, after winning the Cold War, the West has now lost peace, and not only after the end of the Ukraine war, the world will not be the same again, but this conflict has shown that the hegemony of the West is hollower than ever.

 According to Pak Sahafat News Agency’s report, the Spanish Lavanguardia newspaper reported in a report: Mira Milosevic, an expert on international politics from the Elcano Royal Institute of Spain, believes that the West won the Cold War but lost peace. When the war is over, the world will not be the same.

According to this Spanish expert, after the war in Ukraine, the situation goes from a security policy to a defense policy and two blocs “the West and others”. This situation is not so dark or light and it will not be cold war style because there is more economic interdependence.

Currently, new powers such as China and India and other more regional powers such as Brazil and Turkey have increased their influence. But what we see in the western context is completely the opposite: Relative decline. According to the world map, the East is more in favor of Moscow and the West is almost parallel to it, against Russia. Africa stands out as a meeting place.

Jeremy Shapiro, director of research at the Council of Europe on Foreign Relations, who previously worked at the US State Department, told La Vanguardia: I don’t think it’s fair to say that countries support Russia or its aggression. It would be fairer to point out that they are neutral. The war in Ukraine, regardless of the outcome, has shown that the hegemony of the West has become hollower. But this war did not start the erosion, nor was the war necessary for the continuation of this erosion.

Milosevic continued: “The West has been naive in these years and has lost its credibility with its mistakes, like trying to impose democracy after the war, like in the Middle East.” History is full of experience that when the defeated are integrated, peace lasts, and the current international order has been eastward expansion since the 1990s after World War II.

According to analysts, Ukraine should not be considered as the end point, but as a more significant point of friction in changing the international order.

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