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Record number of homeless people in Scotland

Pak Sahafat – New data in Scotland indicates a significant increase in the number of homeless people in this country compared to previous years.

According to Pak Sahafat News Agency, the media reported on Tuesday an 11% increase in the number of homeless people in Scotland in 2022 and wrote that the number of homeless people in Scotland has reached its highest level.

According to “Anatolia” news agency, Scotland experienced a new record in the number of its homeless in September 2022, and the number of homeless people was announced to be 28,944, which is the highest figure since 2002.

According to this report, this figure has increased by 11% compared to the previous year. During the 6 months to the end of last September, 19,066 homelessness applications were received, which is a 6% increase on last year and slightly higher than the pre-coronavirus figures.

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The number of children living in temporary accommodation has also increased by 10% to 9130 people compared to the previous year.

The latest data also shows that 19% of Scottish renters became homeless between April and September 2022, an increase of 14%.

Shona Robison, Scottish housing minister, called these figures alarming and claimed that the Scottish government has an action plan to solve this problem. This country has about 6 million people.

“Nicola Sturgeon”, the Prime Minister of Scotland, not long ago, referring to the deterioration of the British economic situation, said: “We got austerity and Brexit.” These are no small issues and they are causing real damage to our economy, public services and cost of living.

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