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India protested China’s new plan

Pak Sahafat – After the publication of the new geographical map of China, the government of India protested against this map due to the violation of its territorial integrity in the disputed border points.

According to Pak Sahafat News Agency’s report on Wednesday from the website of the Hindu newspaper, the Indian government expressed its strong protest to the Chinese government after the publication of the new map of the People’s Republic of China on Tuesday.

Indians believe that China has shown the entire state of Arunachal Pradesh, Aksai Chin and other parts of Indian Territory within its borders in this map.

The map, which has also claimed Indian territories in the past, was released just days after Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi met Chinese President Xi Jinping and discussed resolving the border situation.

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Indian Foreign Minister Subramaniam Jaishenkar called China’s claims baseless and said: We reject these claims because they have no basis.

As ambassador to China (2009 to 2013), Jaishenkar said in a conversation with New Delhi TV: This is an old habit of the Chinese government. Just by publishing maps with parts of India, nothing will change. Our government is very clear about what our territory is and absurd claims do not make other people’s territory yours.

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Arindam Bagchi, spokesperson of the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said in a statement in response to media questions: Such actions by the Chinese side only complicate the resolution of the border issue.

Bagchi added: India has shared its strong protest through diplomatic channels with the Chinese side regarding the 2023 Standard Map published by the Ministry of Natural Resources of China.

According to Chinese state media, the map was released during China’s “National Map Awareness Promotion Week” and will also include digital maps and navigation.

The publication of this map was met with the anger of experts on social networks and criticism from the Congress party (the opposition group of the ruling party of India).

It was previously reported by the Hindu newspaper, the map, which India has objected to, also claims the entire South China Sea and Taiwan, all of which are the subject of disputes between China and its Southeast Asian neighbors.

The release of this map is significant ahead of the G20 summit in Delhi, which is expected to be attended by Chinese President Xi Jinping and other leaders of the alliance. Xi Jinping has been invited to Indonesia for the East Asian Summit and ASEAN meetings, where the Indian Prime Minister is also expected to visit.

Last week, Delhi and Beijing released conflicting transcripts of an informal meeting between the two countries’ leaders on the sidelines of the BRICS summit in South Africa, as the two countries sought to resolve the border military standoff. There are still wide differences in their positions.

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