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Head of the Russian Duma: Washington and Brussels are pushing the world towards a catastrophic war

Pak Sahafat  – Vyacheslav Volodin, the head of the Russian Duma, stating that Washington and Brussels are pushing the world towards a catastrophic war with their decisions, added: The supply of heavy weapons to Ukraine by the US and NATO to attack Russia will lead to Moscow’s use of more powerful weapons.

According to Pak Sahafat News Agency from TASS news agency, Volodin wrote on his Telegram channel: The supply of offensive weapons to the Kiev regime will lead to a global catastrophe. If Washington and NATO countries send weapons that can be used to attack peaceful cities or attempt to occupy our territory, retaliation will follow with the use of more powerful weapons.

The senior Russian lawmaker slammed other countries’ untenable arguments that nuclear powers have never used weapons of mass destruction in local conflicts, saying: Those powers never faced a situation where the security of their citizens or their territorial integrity was at risk.

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The head of the Russian Duma asked the members of the American Congress, the German Parliament, the French National Assembly and other European parliaments to realize their responsibility towards humanity.

Volodin also emphasized: With their decisions, Washington and Brussels are pushing the world towards a catastrophic war and towards a military operation that will be completely different from what we have seen so far.

The senior Russian official added that given the technological superiority of Moscow’s weapons, Western politicians who made such decisions should realize that this could lead to a global catastrophe that would destroy their countries.

In the new round of military aid to Ukraine, western countries have placed the delivery of advanced weapons, including assault tanks, on the agenda. This issue has created a difference of opinion among Americans and Europeans and has also resulted in Moscow’s sharp reaction.

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